For those of you who have read about our Projects or have a special love for Jerome and would like to see its history and buildings protected, your tax-deductible donations are more than welcome.
While the Jerome Historical Society, unlike many non-profit organizations, works hard at being self-sufficient through the sale of books, rentals both residential and commercial, gift shop sells and fund-raisers, maintaining old buildings and protecting them from fire and further decay, is an expensive endeavor. In addition, because the Town of Jerome is a small government entity with a small budget, the Jerome Historical Society has always been there to pick up the slack in supporting the town.

We provide large parking spaces, which we obtain no monetary gain from and only expense through maintenance and taxes; we own and maintain a large events building for the town potluck, Christmas party, fire-department dances, town dances, and other fundraising events; and we have the lowest commercial rents in town in efforts to support commerce.

Maintaining a small town takes a cooperative effort. Volunteers, donations and time is what keeps Jerome the unique place it is

Donate $$$ for a cause (audrey headframe / buy a brick)

Donate property